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The passion of a man for his land


From the passion and dedication to the land of a man, refined since the early 60s and then transmitted to their children, born Giuliano Puglia Fruit.

The commitment in the fruit and vegetable sector over the years has brought to light the work begun by Antonio Giuliano and continued by his three sons Vito, Nicholas and John, who have led the company to success and his success in Italy and abroad. The brothers Giuliano are among the promoters of the development of modern cultivation of table grapes, stone fruits, watermelons, melons, citrus and vegetables.

What was an initial dream is now a reality that finds its continuity even in the third generation, working every day to support the company's mission.


Why Choose us?

  • Because we privilege italian fruits, we pursue the pleasure to offer you exceptional taste and freshness.
  • Because we guarantee total "traceability" for our products by working in close conjunction with our producers.
  • Because we comply with EU hygiene regulations and we work hard to bring you quality products.